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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Techniques Summary of SEO

This is the end of this tutorial and I hope now you have a good knowledge and at least you would need any other help to optimize your web site.
We have covered almost all major concepts related to Search Engine Optimization. Now you are familiar with most frequently used SEO related terminology as well.
You have learnt how to optimize keywords, title, alt, meta tags, anchor and other text from SEO point of view. You also have learnt importance of having good content in your web site and in Miscellaneous Techniques chapter we have suggested you other important points which will help you to optimize your web site
So in brief ethical strategies for achieving optimal ranking in the search engines are:
  • All Pages Must Conform with W3C Standards
  • Keyword Density is Never Abusive
  • Always Include: Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml, & Urllist.txt
  • Keywords are Prominent in the Title, META tags, & Headings
  • ALT Tags and Title Tags are Not Forgotten
  • Nomenclature is Fundamental to Being Indexed